How To Pick Up?

Go to your local laundromat or supermarket and find the publication under or near the T.V.

Watch the video on the left to discover not only the benefits this publication has on the community, but also the benefit of having this publication conveniently located near you.

Call Nury Quinonez whose number is located at the end of the video or in our staff section to inquire about advertising or simply to ask where you can pick up a free copy of the publication

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a relatively new part of our publication. We wanted to give readers not only the benefit of engaging stories and information about local businesses, but we also wanted to give readers the benefit of being able to find discounts on products or services so they wouldn't have to look later.

Watch the video on the right to see how easy it is to redeem these certificates first hand. Also discover the convience of having these certificates available for products or services that you may not even know you need

Watch in Spanish
who we are

We are a Bilingual publication designed to bring more awareness in the community about Local Heroes such as students or other noteworthy figures.

Local Heroes can be Students and Teacher from the local school and community as well as a person that does something good for the community without expecting anything in return.

They will be featured on our Front Covers to encourage and Inspire other students to be like the one on the cover.


New issues of our publication will be distributed to the featured school as well as Lucky 7 Super Market, La Raza Super Market, Mi Rancho Supermarket, and more than 30 local laundromats (thanks to one of our sponsors, Clear Digital Channel Network Advertising for providing help on distribution).

Our Sponsor CDCN is also working with other small businesses in the community to provide scholarship funds for our Scholarship Application.

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