Nury Quinonez

I have a Degree in Marketing and International Business and I have many years of experience working in promotion and advertising as well as in the elaboration of market studies.

My greatest satisfaction is knowing that people are having good results through the work and support that I have given them.   Doing things right is what I look forward to everyday...

Currently I work in LOCAL COMMUNITY HERORES.   I work here because I love the concept, to be in a publication that helps promote young people, or people who give their best for the sake of others.   It's really wonderful and I consider working here my best contribution to the community.

Personally, I try to always follow a quote by the great Dalai Lama:   "Every year visit a place you do not know".   So at least once a year I visit a new place, read at least three books a year,   and especially I look for God every day of my life because I discovered that without his guidance, we are like ships adrift.

Call  Nury:  (408) 835-2523

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